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The list is taken from Loriann Hoff Oberlin’s “Surviving Separation and Divorce,” and covers topics that range from financial issues to legal loopholes to the dangers of making rash, emotional decisions.

According to the article, The 10 Legal Mistakes People Make When Getting A Divorce, are:

  1. Believing your spouse will be fair and cooperative
  2. Having totally unrealistic expectations or demands of what you will gain from the divorce
  3. Not asking appropriate questions or signing documents without asking questions
  4. Withholding information from your attorney
  5. Not checking facts or figures given you by attorneys and others
  6. Allowing emotions rather then logic to rule your legal decisions
  7. Expecting the legal system to be fair and the court will see things from your perspective
  8. Allowing too much time to pass before enforcing a court order
  9. Forgetting tax ramifications of legal decisions and not hiring a financial advisor
  10. Being a hindrance, not a help to your case

The majority of these mistakes stem from the same issues. Expectations people have when it comes to different aspects of their divorce, and not communicating properly with your family law attorney regarding your divorce.

Whether it’s believing your spouse will be cooperative during divorce proceedings, having unrealistic expectations over the gains (financial and/or property) divorce will garner, or expecting the court to see things the way you do, it is of the utmost importance in divorce proceedings to temper your expectations. Hiring a competent Southern California divorce attorney will go a long way in achieving this. A good divorce attorney will be straight and honest with you and make sure that any and all expectations you have from divorce proceedings are realistic ones.

It should be noted, however, that your attorney is only as useful as the information you give them. Withholding information from your attorney, or not employing the help of a financial advisor or divorce counselor when your attorney suggests you should hire one can have a negative effect on your divorce proceedings.

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