Let’s say that you divorced your ex-husband five years ago, re-married, and now have two children with your new husband. You have an older daughter from your previous marriage who still carries her father’s last name. Your daughter’s friends want to know why her last name is different from her siblings and from you. Is it possible to change your daughter’s last name so she can truly become a part of your family?

The actual process of changing your daughter’s last name is as simple as filling out a few forms, but whether or not your request will be granted will depend on several factors. The biggest factor is whether or not your ex-husband opposes the change. If he does not oppose the change, then there is a high probability that the court will allow the name change. If your ex-husband does oppose the change, you will almost certainly be required to attend a hearing and state your case. You’ll need to clearly demonstrate why changing your child’s last name is in her best interest.

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