There has been many hacks online to websites that cheaters use to find partners other than who they are married to or committed to. The recent hack on Ashley Madison is one of many hack to expose the information of cheaters online. Before that hack AdultFriendfinder was also hacked but to a smaller degree.

Here is more information about the Ashley Madison Hack: “A hack attack on an Internet dating site that bills itself as “the most famous name in infidelity and married dating” has been followed by an apparent data dump of some 9.7 gigabytes of confidential information stolen from the “discreet” Ashley Madison site.

Made available Tuesday to those willing to use the Tor browser to access the so-called dark web, the material includes names; street and email addresses; and payment details for millions of transactions dating back to 2007, reports Wired. However, there is some comfort for those concerned about their financial information being hacked – the data dump includes only partial credit-card numbers.” See more at http://abajournal.com.

If you find out that your partner was cheating online you need to decide how to proceed and when ready to get legal advice if you plan to separate or divorce the cheating spouse.

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