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Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, Boating DUI, Biking DUI

Do you have a DUI and are unsure what to do next? This is a problem faced by many concerned citizens, and the answer as to what steps you need to take isn’t always clear. That is precisely why certain attorneys specialize in this particularly sensitive area of the law so that you have access to the best legal counsel possible when dealing with these charges involving drug or alcohol and driving.

Albrecht & Albrecht is your DUI advocate, helping you to minimize the negative effects of your DUI by helping you understand the court system, letting you know what is entailed in a plea bargain, and assisting you to navigate through countless administrative procedures.

One of the most frequent questions when dealing with a DUI is “what do I do?” The answer honestly depends on the specific circumstance. If this is your first DUI and there aren’t other significant factors to consider, such as reckless driving, having a minor in the car, or having a high alcohol or drug content in your blood when the infraction occurred, then proceeding becomes much simpler. Pleading guilty may be the most obvious and the best choice, but without the experience of the best DUI attorney, you may overlook some serious considerations. If in doubt, legal advice is the best way to determine how to proceed especially when drugs, alcohol and driving are involved.

If you are facing DUI charges whether drug or alcohol related, Albrecht & Albrecht, DUI attorneys knows the ins and outs and can guide you quickly through the process, giving you the best possible outcome. Having a DUI it is best to have an attorney at your side for all steps of the process.

Over the years we have helped with many DUI cases and have been able to help our clients with many situations. Our legal team will work quickly to investigate the case facts and research the applicable law.

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