Many divorces are contentious and highly emotional experiences. If your partner feels especially aggrieved, he or she may try to hide assets in order to limit what you can seek as part of the divorce settlement. Sometimes, maneuvers to hide assets can be blatant, like giving money to family members as a “gift,” with the understanding that it will be paid back after the divorce. Other tricks are more subtle.

For instance, if your spouse is up for a big bonus at work, he or she could ask the boss to hold off on awarding the bonus until after your divorce is complete. This way, your spouse won’t have to give you half the bonus, as would be expected in California, a community property state. The same thing can happen if your spouse is due to receive stock options or even a simple pay raise.

Legally, your spouse cannot hold off on receiving extra income in an attempt to prevent you from taking your share. If you believe your spouse is doing something like this contact the attorneys at Albrecht & Albrecht.

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