If you have been injured or otherwise harmed by a product, your first inclination may be to sue the creator of the product. For instance, if you purchased an electric blanket that overheated and caused you third-degree burns, you may want to sue the company on the blanket’s label.

That’s a good start, but you may be out of luck if the blanket’s manufacturer doesn’t have a lot of money or a strong insurance policy. Every person or company in the product’s chain of distribution could be a potential defendant in your claim.

In the electric blanket example, you may be able to also name the sub-contractor who created the battery in the electrical blanket that overheated, the company that created the blanket’s faulty design, the safety inspector that allowed he blanket to be sold, and even the retailor who sold you the product.

When you name as many defendants as possible in a suit, you are more likely to receive the full amount of your winnings or settlement. If, for instance, the manufacturer declared bankruptcy in the face of multiple lawsuits, then the retailer and/or designer of the blanket will have to pick up the slack and cover your award.

Discovering all liable parties in a product liability lawsuit can be difficult, which is why a lawyer can be a very big help. If you’ve been injured by a product in Temecula, contact Albrecht & Albrecht to discuss your case.

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