If another driver was responsible for a car accident in which you were injured (even if you were a passenger in the car at fault), you have grounds to sue that driver (and their insurance company) for restitution.

Not surprisingly, no insurance company wants to pay you money unless they have to. Before they take out their checkbooks, they will likely try to poke holes in your story to get themselves off the hook. They may try to prove that you or someone other than their client was at fault for the accident. Another common strategy is to try and prove that you were not injured at all or that you had the injury prior to the accident.

If you even think you might have been injured in a car accident (example: your neck feels very sore the next morning), go see a doctor right away. You need to create to paper trail that shows you sought treatment for an injury after the accident. X-rays and tests that show an injury will be extremely helpful for your case. Even if you were previously injured, you can still sue the other driver’s insurance company if the crash exacerbated your condition. Again, go to the doctor and be very clear about how your symptoms and pain are worse than they were before.

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