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Being charged with a DUI is not a happy turn of events and can have a major negative impact on your life in many different ways. You may feel the need to fight the charge, but is it worth hiring a lawyer to represent you?

The truth is that the majority of DUI cases are open and shut. For a first time offense with no injuries and a blood or breath test that showed clear proof of intoxication (a blood alcohol concentration clearly above the .08 limit) at the time of arrest, the chances of your conviction are extremely high. It’s probably best to simply plead guilty and save yourself the lawyer’s fee.

However, if your case isn’t clear cut, or if there was property damage or injuries involved that have created additional charges, you will likely want to hire an attorney to represent you. In a best-case scenario, if your BAC was right around .08 at the time of arrest, your attorney may be able to bargain the prosecutor down to a charge of “wet reckless driving.” This charge will cut the time in half you have to spend in DUI class, save you roughly $800 in fines, and protect your driver’s license and commercial license from a suspension.

If you would like an attorney in Temecula to review your DUI case to determine if there is any room to bargain, or if you need an attorney to represent you against charges related to a DUI, contact Albrecht & Albrecht.

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