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Accidents can cause a wide range of complex injuries and medical conditions. Common injuries include broken bones, fractures, and other serious injuries to the cervical, lumbar, or thoracic spine. Some of the most common injuries occur to the neck and back. In medical terminology, the location of neck and back injuries are referred to as the cervical, lumbar, and thoracic spine. Sometimes injuries are serious enough and may require surgical repair. High speed collisions, accidents with pedestrians, motorcycle accidents, and drunk driving accident cases may result in severe or even catastrophic injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis, and in some cases a wrongful death.

Over the years we have seen many unfortunate accidents but we also have been able to help our clients get justice. In any personal injury claim, one must identify all responsible parties, explore all potential theories of legal liability and uncover all sources of legal and financial responsibility. Our legal team will work quickly to investigate the case facts and research the applicable law.

We only employ experienced investigators and utilize leading experts in various medical specialties to help prove our client’s cases in a court of law. After an accident you may find yourself inundated with letter and correspondence from insurance companies and bill collectors. We deal with these companies so you don’t have to.

Over $50 Million in Civil Judgements Obtained!

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